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Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.

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Over the counter medicine similar to diflucan is available through a variety of sources, including pharmacies, hospitals, and home delivery services. Side effects: The risk with any dosing strategy is that the risk increases while dosing and decreases at the same rate of decreasing risk with increasing frequency. For example, a 2.5-gram dose is associated with a 25% greater risk for heart attack than a 0.5-gram dose, despite the greater dose being administered. A 5-gram is associated with 50% greater risk for a heart attack than the 0.5-gram dose. If you were taking diflucan as instructed, you may experience gastrointestinal discomfort due to the higher dosages. This discomfort is caused by the antidiarrheal effect of dosing regimen and should subside after four to six hours or when dosing is suspended. How should I store diflucan? Store at 4 to 6ºC (40°F 86°F). Keep diflucan away from heat and moisture. What should I do if I'm worried about diflucan toxicity? Call your doctor or poison control center if you have any of the following concerns: Severe dizziness, fainting, chest pain, shortness of breath, trouble breathing; Difficulty breathing that's not better to breathe; Possible kidney damage; Seizures; Severe pain; or Abnormal heart rhythms This medication is usually safe to use if you are not allergic to it or if you: Hearthstone's latest patch is a big one. It's called the Whispers of Old Gods. What it doesn't include is a class that you've probably already heard of: Murlocs. What is a Murloc anyway? It's a class in Hearthstone. also popular and powerful archetype, a large part of Hearthstone's competitive scene. What's a Murloc? Most Hearthstone players think of Murlocks as the type class that's a little more aggressive, midrange, and a little more control. Most of those traits hold true, but they're also based on the archetype's namesake: murlocs. While most Murloc decks are fairly straightforward, the new version features a few unique cards to add an extra dimension the deck. For example, over the counter version of diflucan here's a Murloc deck, also made by @Pyth0n, that runs two copies of Muck Hunter: Muck Hunter gives your Murlocs +2/+2 and +1/+1 if you played a Pirate during your last turn. That's a massive difference in card power. However, Muck Hunter also synergizes nicely with cards like Swashburglar and Alleycat, which help keep your Murlocs alive and give them even more card advantage. Another interesting feature of Whispers the Old Gods is that most Murloc decks are running lots of small minions. While that means your opponents will have to get rid of them quickly, it also helps you survive. Muck Hunter pairs well with some of the big cheap minions in Whispers, but some cards like Wildwalker and Haunted Creeper actually benefit from Murlocs that die quickly due to the high number of small minions in most Murloc decks. A small caveat to this is that if you happen to have cards like Acidic Swamp Ooze and Kabal Talonpriest in your deck, Murlocs will be pretty clunky. Muck Hunter can help them out, but if those aren't in your deck, Murlocs exactly the most powerful classes out there. Some Murloc players might run more powerful cards like Doomguard, which could make your murlocs much more powerful. One of the strongest Murloc.

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