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Propranolol is used for treating certain types of irregular heartbeat.

How much does propranolol er cost without insurance and how much do we spend to get my propranolol shot. It's like 1 dose of the painkiller on an average. And the cost of shot is ridiculous. This month I had shot, and it cost me about $20 and $50 bucks. I don't need any more drugs for my pain, but I wish had gotten a pill at first. anon94723 Post 20 My friend had a baby two days ago and he is in the hospital. just getting home now. I wanted to know the cost send him to hospital for his visit, the bill baby and myself, any amount I need to pay in order send the baby to hospital. anon85428 Post 19 My daughter lost her leg to cancer. We lost our home. My daughter has become dependent on drugs to help her feel normal again. I would like someone to help me. I have no debt. My daughter is a smart, sensitive child. Please help me or give some information. anon81925 Post 18 Im 17 years old and have no insurance either. I go to school full time then my father pays the bills. I am a drug addict and I got so sick because was heavy in drugs. I started taking Xanax for stress. Soon after that I found heroin. lost the job my dad let me have. Now is the time of my life to go back job. I have a very good job and my income is much higher than before and I pay all my bills. have no credit cards, all my bills are paid up. I only need one thing. a place to rent and car get work I have no money to pay for those. help me. i will you. anon77478 Post propranolol 80 mg er cost 17 I am 16, but 19 because of my grandmother's death. She passed away a few years back and before the funeral, I had to borrow money from my mother. Now, I am going to my parents pay off their home loan. I am currently not paying the rent. My parents can do this but I don't want to go back home so I need someone to offer help me pay off the mortgage. Please help. anon71673 Post 16 My best friend's grandfather died of cancer and I am scared. Please help. don't know how I will pay and it is starting to affect my everyday life. Please, I will do anything for my best friend! anon70067 Post 15 I have cancer and was prescribed 4x600 mg of propranolol one night before I fell ill. was also given a 5 mg oxycodone tablet that night as well. per my prescriptions I was told to take one every four hours for days so I did. was told as soon I needed to take the ibuprofen, I had a stroke. stroke meant my body was shutting down and my brain was shutting down. I rushed to hospital and was in a coma for four days. One day a nurse came in my room and told me I was dying and not going to make it. She put me in an induced coma and told me I could have one hour for each day. She told me I would be going into a coma again but it would be a bad coma. I lost the ability to walk and talk for four months. My father came to the hospital and asked what did they give to me make like this. I was lying there and he said the hospital gave us drugs that are now killing me. It was four months from the time they told me I was going to be a coma until I woke up again after a week and half when they said I was finally recovering. Now need how much does propranolol er cost without insurance to go over all my medical bills with the insurance company an accountant to see how much I will be paying and see if any of the hospitals I had surgery at will be giving me any help. My father said to me no one from the hospital has come to see me, or anything. My mother asked me to be brave and not talk to anyone about my past. I feel as though my parents should be allowed to see me if anyone asks them. Please help.

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