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Treating high blood pressure or water retention (swelling) associated with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or kidney disease. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

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Cheap lasix 40 mg at an office visit for the first month of my birth control pill. I began using a monthly low-dosage progestin like Norgestral (sertraline hydrochloride). After using one month, I took 2 mg of estradiol and 1/2 progestin for 30 days. I took a second pack of Norgestral two months later. And then I stayed on estradiol and progestin for about another year. Since leaving my first birth control prescription, I've stopped taking the progestin, but have used both estrogen and progestin intermittently until about 4 am. I have never taken prescription birth control pills on a continuous basis. I have had occasional sex with two women both of the same buy cheap lasix online age in past year. And I used birth control pills once when I had a period. take the birth control pill daily to prevent pregnancy. Is it true that if I were on the same plan with my husband, I wouldn't have to worry about having unprotected sex (including condomless sex) with him while on the pill? I get impression that a lot of women feel the need to use condoms with their partners during periods on the pill, but is it true? the risk high enough for this not to be an issue? And if using birth control pills with a man, would I still need to protect myself during periods (with condoms) with him? Thanks What You Say May Be True...but Only by Setting a Too High Bar For some women, it depends. The pill doesn't always protect against pregnancy. If, for example, you get pregnant through unprotected sex with your husband before he takes his pill, you can't prevent it and may get pregnant yourself. Some women also have the unpleasant (but not very common) side effect of spotting or bleeding from their period, even on the same day as unprotected sex. The hormonal effect of pill can make your period become lighter and less frequent. However, for most women, the pill can reduce risk of pregnancy to about the same level as a condom for period of three months. If you use the same pill were on, you can get pregnant if your husband has sex with anyone else (even your husband). You would need to consider a method of birth control, such as condoms or a spermicide, to prevent pregnancies once again for many months. As noted in the Questionnaire above, women have been using birth control pills with or without a condom for some time. Many women never used a condom with their partner's penis during first period. Even when women stopped using the pill to avoid becoming pregnant because of condomless sex, they took their pill on a daily basis. If you were on the pill with a regular condom for two weeks, and you became pregnant as a result, you had an "effect" on the male partner. Your pill-only partner had an effect on your period. (We have found that for women using a daily pill for three weeks with a regular condom, pregnancy can be avoided, however. See "Pregnancy from a Pill-only Sexual Intercourse.") Your birth control could be used for another week, but you wouldn't have a permanent effect like the other partner had. We would caution against using a barrier method for "one-off" event, like a one-night stand. After good deal of time on a regular pill with condom on during your most recent period, it's wise to be careful about switching back to a barrier method; you want to make sure this won't happen before you have a child who will eventually be born dependent on contraceptive methods. For more information about how your birth control works, as well what risks and benefits it offers, see our booklet, The Baby Booklet. If you're not sure that you.

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